Friday, March 28, 2008

Like a Candle in the Dark

Looking for something to do Saturday night? How about participating in a global movement? Earth Hour is an event sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). At 8 p.m. on Saturday, March 29 (tomorrow), people and cities around the world will turn off their lights and spend an hour in darkness in an effort to show support in fighting climate change.

While I'm not sure what turning the lights off in my apartment for one hour is really going to do in the grand scheme of things, I suppose it's nice to feel a part of a worldwide movement. I also think it would be nice to just turn off electronics for an hour and do something different. Lately, I've been wanting to keep the TV off and just sit and read or clean. It's a much calmer atmosphere when I don't have bright lights, fast-paced scenes, and noises constantly at the forefront of my senses. It'd be nice to revert to candlelight for an hour - it's such a calming atmosphere. Plus, it would probably force people to pay attention to one another; you're not distracted by a TV or computer. Play a board game or do a puzzle with a loved one or friend, or just have some quiet time. Either way, you'd have to admit that taking just one hour out of your night to focus on something different from what you're used to has got to be a nice change of pace.

Now comes the hard part. What if you're not going to be home tomorrow night? Or what if you don't know if you'll be home? I'm more than willing to sign up for Earth Hour, but I'd feel bad if I signed up and then didn't participate. Of course, I guess if I'm out then the lights in my apartment will be off anyway, but am I supposed to participate no matter where I am? What if I'm at a friend's house? Do I ask them to turn their lights off for an hour? That wouldn't be right. So maybe it's enough that my apartment is dark, whether I'm there or not.

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