Monday, April 7, 2008

Memphis vs. Kansas

So who's excited for the big game tonight? I'll be watching it, even though I really don't care about either team. However, because of their remarkable shut-out of North Carolina two nights ago, I'm tipping my hat in Kansas' favor. Of course, I know nothing about Memphis, and that's how I ended up underestimating Kansas the first time, so I'm sure I'll be in for an exciting game. The Edge is giving Kansas a slight edge (get it?) over Memphis tonight, even though they claim everything from the backcourt to the intangibles between the teams is even. So who knows. From what I've heard, both teams will utilize a full-court press and keep the pace, and Kansas better play a zone defense. If they play defense the way they did against UNC, I think Memphis is going to find getting into their offense a bit tricky. Kansas also needs to stay out of foul trouble, since Memphis' free throws have drastically improved since they entered the tournament.

I didn't make a bracket for the sole reason that I am way too competitive and I really didn't think my blood pressure needed to be any higher than it already is (not that it's high, I'm just saying). I have nothing invested in these games, and yet I was still noticeably upset (which means yelling and in a bad mood) after North Carolina's loss Saturday night. So I think it's a good thing I have no bracket and no bets. I'll enjoy the game that much more. :-)

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