Thursday, August 7, 2008

Food Review!

I forgot that I hadn't told you about St. Elmo Steakhouse yet! Keith and I both really liked it; we thought the food was cooked beautifully and the atmosphere was pleasant. The waiters are dressed in tuxes, but customers are "dress casual" so we didn't feel uncomfortable in khakis. We had been told, and I would tell anyone else who goes there, that you have to try the shrimp cocktail. It's expensive (as is all the food) but it is definitely different from any other shrimp cocktail I've ever had. They use fresh ground horseradish, and if you breathe in through your nose you will definitely regret it. Our waiter was nice (he was actually a very excellent waiter) and gave us tips and advice for eating it which we definitely put into practice.

If you go to their website you can get full details about their history, menu, as well as make reservations online (they even send you a confirmation email, which I really liked). It was definitely good, and definitely worth the price, although the price does make it more of a special-occasion-only meal. Since it was Keith's birthday, they provided him (and me) with an amazing, delicious complementary chocolate cake-like thing, complete with candle. It was very nice. :-)

Now, if you want to know where I rank it - above Cork 'n' Cleaver but below Catablu. I know I'm comparing an Indy restaurant to Fort Wayne restaurants, but that's about all I have to base it on.


  1. MMMMMM.

    Will you take me there for my birthday next year?

  2. Sure, if you remind me. :-)