Saturday, December 18, 2010

I Am Apache

I am Apache, by Tanya Landman, tells the tale of an Apache girl who watched her family be murdered and seeks revenge. However, it is uncommon for a girl to walk the path of an Apache warrior, and so it is with difficulty that Siki must prove herself worthy to not only her tribe, but herself. Along the way she learns the truth about her father, causing her to question what it is, exactly, that makes her an Apache.

This young adult account of what it was like for an Apache living near the border of Mexico and during the time of the white man's invasion is nothing short of gripping. I was impressed with the detail the author provided in order to give an accurate account of their way of life, as well as her ability to weave a compelling tale filled with twists and plot turns that left me breathless at times.

There were only small things that could have made this book better. At times I felt the author repeated herself, as though her point on an aspect of the Apache way of life was not heeded earlier and needed to be said again. I also have a problem where there is a strong, intelligent protagonist that cannot seem to comprehend simple nuances (he's in love with you; that's why he's being elusive!). Other than that, though, I thought this book was well written and the story was one I will not soon forget.  4 out of 5 stars.

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