Sunday, August 21, 2011

My First Experience with Crochet

Thanks to my obsession with Pinterest, I've had the itch to try lots of new things lately. One of those was to learn how to crochet, thanks to this adorable picture and the fact that I really, really want to make this hat for my baby.

My idea was that a scarf would be the perfect beginner project. So I bought a skein of yarn and learned how to do the easiest stitch I could and set to work.

Two more skeins, multiple mistakes and row pullings, and a few curse words later (plus three days) and I ended up with a beautiful, warm, soft scarf that is officially mine and quite original. In fact, it's so original I don't think I could copy it if I wanted to. I ended up losing two stitches in a row somewhere, so the beginning end is flared, which I actually really like, but was very hard to replicate at the end. So both ends flare, just not exactly evenly.

Whatever. I made it with my own two hands, and I'm incredibly proud of it and my determination to see it through even when I was tired, frustrated, and sore (seriously, neck strain?).

And now I have my scarf that I can't wait to wear this fall and winter. Oh, happiness.


  1. Oh, lovely job! I've been crocheting since I was a kid and think it's so much fun. My mom taught me and she learned from her grandmother, so it's a family tradition. Nothing beats wearing something you made yourself!

    When you're just starting out, the easiest stitch I've found -- and the one I use most often -- is one called the afghan stitch (or Tunisian stitch). You basically make chains and they stay on your hook for an entire row -- and then you take them off again. Check it out -- it's my favorite!

  2. That does sound easy! I'll definitely try it - thanks for the tip!