Monday, March 26, 2012

Our First Storytime

Emily and I went to our first storytime at the library today. She was the youngest baby there, but she had a good time checking out all the other kids. She was starting to nap when we arrived and I was nervous that she would throw a fit at being woken up, but the new setting and faces kept her enthralled enough to forget she was tired for half an hour. And I learned that storytime is apparently the place where moms size each other up, and then act ridiculously silly once the activities begin.

Maybe it was because it was Monday morning, or maybe I just picked the uppity library, but there were no friendly smiles, no hellos from the other moms. But as soon as the music started they were all willing to make utter fools of themselves for their kids.

Why act like a hardass when, in 30 seconds, you're going to be singing "My Little Red Wagon" and bouncing your kid around on your knee? Plus it's the midwest. Get over yourselves.

I did have a good time, though. I loved getting to interact with Emily this way, and I can definitely see storytime becoming a permanent fixture in our weekly schedule. And if I'm the only friendly mom there, then that just means my kid will have better manners than theirs. So ha.


  1. Come to story time with us on Tuesday mornings at 10:15 at Dupont. Tons of friendly moms and two especially adorable little girls who would love to entertain Emily.

    1. I would love to! It's totally a last minute decision, though. It just depends on if I hit that magic time between feedings and naps.