Tuesday, October 16, 2007

All Consuming Leaves Me Feeling Drained

Ok, so I moved on to the next section of Learning 2.0 and hit up All Consuming. What say I? I say - Wishy Washy. I can see how it could be beneficial and somewhat fun, but at the same time, I see it as too much to keep up with. Putting a feed of my consumption on my blog is a fun way to let people know what I am enjoying, but when I see someone asking "What commercial diet should I try next?" I want to vomit. This could be a great tool (along with 43 Things) when going on a trip and wanting to know where to go and stay, or if you're completely out of book ideas and want to know what to read next, or you want a random person's opinion on what music you should check out because you're bored with the radio. But I can't see myself actually keeping up with All Consuming because it would be, well, all consuming (ha ha....ha). And as for making a list of all the books I've read or what I've listened to, there's just no way. There's Facebook and Library Thing for that. I'd rather just update when I am doing something new and not keep a running tally, just because I'm not going to go through all the movies/books/things I've eaten, etc. and make one incredibly long list.

43 Things caught my attention when I started making a list of all the places I had been. I did get a little addicted to that site, just because I liked looking at the little spaces fill in once I'd said I'd been there. It makes me feel like I've actually done things and gone places....corny, I know. But getting from All Consuming to 43 Things is a bit tricky, maybe because I haven't actually tried to figure it out. I just know that I clicked on something the other day and suddenly I was on 43 Things and couldn't figure out how to get back to All Consuming (hence the filling in the map for an hour - not on library time, don't worry).

However, I could see this being a useful tool if I need wedding and reception ideas.....I could ask for good music and food suggestions.....hm, now I'm thinking!

But, I dutifully created my account, added one thing to each major category, and offered a suggestion. I'll give it another chance (probably) later on, but right now I want to keep moving forward and onward to Instant Messaging!

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