Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Indiana's Environment in the Blogging Sphere

Let me explain how I got to this post. First, I was updating my Google Reader because of yesterday's disaster. I happened upon Pegomatic's blog and her post about Blog Action Day. Being a strong advocate of a greener Earth (bet you didn't know that, did you?) I checked it out, and was disappointed that I was two days too late, but I signed up for notices about next year's.....blogging....thing. Anyway, then, as I was about to sign out of Blogger after my last post, I noticed a little farther down that Blogger had made some comments about Blog Action Day and had some websites listed, as well as the idea to search for environmentally minded blogs. I looked at a few of the blogs listed, and I found this. A blogger blogged about Indiana's steps toward green. Notice, however, that Allen is not one of the counties mentioned for contributing to an 8-hour air quality requirement, but our county houses the second largest city in the state. Without further research, I'm assuming this means that our county is not doing as a great of a part for our environment as we could be.

Question of the Day: What could we easily do to increase the "greenness" of Allen County, Fort Wayne, ACPL, and our homes?

To get started, I recently purchased 9 compact fluorescent light bulbs and installed them in my apartment, making most of the lights I use environmentally friendly. Anyone else have any thoughts?

(On what to do with CFLs when they eventually burn out.)


  1. I purchased cloth reusable grocery bags and no longer use plastic bags from the store. I love my new bags. They're convenient, attractive and hold much more than those stupid flimsy plastic bags.

    Check out this article about Ireland's plastic bag tax.

    Also, I got my bags from

  2. Thanks, Katie! That's a good idea. I noticed that Scott's (Kroger's, whatever) has started selling 7th Generation cleaning products. Their website is here: (I haven't figured out how to put links in comments.)