Thursday, October 18, 2007


Blogger, in its infinite wisdom, has reopened my old Google account to allow me to have access to previously lost posts on my old blog. (Blogger, you geniuses, I'm eternally grateful.) Hooray! If you're curious, here's a link to the old blog. I'm going to keep that open until a) I figure out how to easily transfer those posts over to this blog (ideas, anyone?) or b) my urge to "clean" the internet overwhelms me and I get rid of unused webpages and accounts.

Maybe I could just re-post the old posts and insert them into this used to be able to change the timestamp on posts, I wonder if you can still do that?

** Yes, you can. And I successfully added all the old posts in and even copy and pasted the comments. :-) I'll still leave the old blog up for a little while in case someone hasn't changed the url in their blog roll (ahem, Melanie), but I'll take it down after awhile so I can feel like my internet space is clean and simplified. Yay!!

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