Monday, November 17, 2008

I Had A Catchy Title, But I Forgot It

You know what? I really wish I had something interesting to post about. As it turns out, I can't think of a single thing that I haven't already said. So I guess I'll just give you a bunch of randoms that you may or may not care about.

As it turns out, I really like the Twilight soundtrack (I know, I didn't think I'd like it, either). There's only one song I don't like and I don't think will grow on me, and that's the third track (The Black Ghosts - Full Moon). It's just not my style. However, I really like the Muse track (seriously, I never thought I'd like Muse, so I'm just as surprised as everyone else), and Paramore has really grown on me (even though I'm not sure I'd like much else they put out). As expected, I like the Linkin Park and Collective Soul tracks (hooray for Linkin Park not sounding whiny on this one!) and Mutemath has become a band that I should probably look into. Iron & Wine is also research worthy. Perry Farrell I could probably give or take, but the track fits nicely with the rest of them, as with Blue Foundation. Rob Pattinson (the guy who plays Edward) actually does a really good job on his song, Never Think, although I wish he would enunciate more - it's really hard to tell what he's saying sometimes. But he has a surprisingly nice voice. And finally, the track that I'm sure many fans bought the soundtrack exclusively for: Carter Burwell's version of Bella's lullaby. If you don't read the books, the lullaby is something Edward wrote (and played) for Bella and is a very romantic gesture that I'm sure many girls (and women) wish their men could do for them and have therefore taken a personal interest in the song. I would have to say that I was definitely interested in hearing it, but I knew it wouldn't be anything like what I had imagined. And I was right, to a point. I really need to listen to it again to really make a decision but my main critisicm is that it's not a piano solo, as it is in the book. Granted I'm sure the artist wanted to make it as complete as he could, but I think the song can really only be as beautiful and haunting as I pictured it if there is only the piano and it's in its rawest form. Then again, it's not like I'm about to try and create it, so I can't be too judgemental, can I?

Well, that got a lot longer than I expected it to, so I think I'll end this post here and remind you all that if you can make it through this week, you only have to make it through three more days next week before Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh NOO.

    I love, love Iron & Wine - and, well, don't exactly love the Twilights.

  2. I think Pattinson sounds like Tracy Chapman.

  3. I'll hear it all tomorrow, when we go to the movie! Yay!