Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Think Humans Should Hibernate

Well, it's four days into November and, as you can see by my widget on the left, I have only written 895 words for NaNoWriMo. Sigh. At least I'm participating, even if I'm not giving it my best effort.

In other news, I'm learning to play the guitar again. And by again, I mean starting over, and by starting over, I mean going back about 5 pages in the beginner's book. Here's how dedicated I am: I got out my guitar, started learning some notes, noticed my fingernails were too long, cut them, and then decided they weren't very pretty when they're short so I gave myself a manicure. And pedicure. You know, for good measure.

Other than that things have been pretty much the same. I don't get enough sleep, I'm not very productive, and I definitely sit around too much. We've been walking Lizzie more frequently, but it's still not enough to off-set the amount of sitting around I do. Seriously, life's pretty boring right now.


  1. Take "boring" while you can. Soon enough you'll be having little human monsters running around and you'll wish for a moment of "boring"!

  2. Well, you got the treadmill for a reason, right? Lizzie isn't the only one who can use it. Put a DVD in a laptop and run!

    I'd love boring right now, (especially at work).