Tuesday, November 11, 2008

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say.....

I should have kept my mouth shut. I'll take boring over bad. Alright, that might be overreacting a little, but let's just say things haven't been the smoothest around here. And this morning really was pretty bad, so that's an influence on my mood and the tone of my post. Seriously, you'd be grumpy, too, if you'd have been up since 4 this morning. Not even apple cinnamon oatmeal and a homemade cinnamon flavored mocha is completely cheering me up.

So let's talk about good things. Over the weekend I took Lizzie on two one-hour long walks, trying to get her to learn how to behave nicely on a leash. I was really impressed with her - by yesterday she had really improved. Of course, when it's not just me and her she goes back to her old ways, but that will come with more practice. It always feels nice when you know you're doing something right.

The Twilight movie comes out in 9 days, so I'm looking forward to taking a half day off of work, hanging out with my mom, getting a couple of good meals and seeing the movie.

I've got some books waiting for me at the library (including the new Cesar Millan book!) and we FINALLY have our thank you notes written. Now all that's left is buying stamps and making sure the last few have the correct addresses on them.

Ok. Those are all the good things I can think of right now, so I'm going to stop posting. I will try really hard to be in a better mood next time.

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