Friday, June 26, 2009

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

I love today. Not only is it Friday, but it's Take Your Dog to Work Day!!

Which photo do you like better? There's a contest at the official website, and I'm planning on entering Lizzie. I like the pose in the first one better, but I like her eyes in the second one better. And yes, I know my desk is a mess. I realize now that I should have cleaned it off before taking the picture. But she's a workin' dog!

There are a couple more pictures of Lizzie and me together, but my camera decided it had had enough of the batteries and quit working, so I have to wait for a coworker to email me the pictures she graciously let me take on her camera.

All in all, fun times are being had. Lizzie has found a new friend, and she's going to sleep well tonight!


  1. I like the top photo the best. She's sitting up straight and attentive and looks like she's ready to go right to work! What fun!

  2. You bring a VERY large smile to my face. Like you lots. Glad you get to have lizzie with you today!!

  3. I can't stop wondering why you have a jar of peanut butter on your desk.

  4. Because it's Lizzie's favorite treat and my secret weapon to get her to do anything I want. Also, peanut butter is delicious.