Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I have many things to be happy about today:

1)  There's a whole lineup of good shows on NBC tonight (my favorite new show this season, by the way, is Community).
2)  Tomorrow, Keith and I will be making our first homemade stew in the crockpot, and it'll be so nice to have that ready and waiting for us when we get home tomorrow night!
3)  Tomorrow I'm also baking my first pumpkin pie of the season. I can't wait!
4)  My parents are coming to visit this weekend!
5)  The reason they're coming to visit is that my mom and I are going to see New Moon on Saturday and, despite my intense dislike of the first one and my apprehension for the second, I'm excited (maybe it's because I haven't actually been out to see a movie in some time).
6)  Today I started listening to Christmas music. Not just any Christmas music, but Kristin Chenoweth's Christmas CD, which makes me extra happy.
7)  Keith has graciously conceded to allow me to set up our Christmas decorations this Sunday, because we're going to be traveling a lot throughout the month of December, and I want to be able to enjoy my decorations just as much as I would if we were hosting Christmas at my house.
8)  And finally, December is right around the corner, which means traveling, less work, vacation, family, Christmas, and the coming arrival of 2010, which I am very much looking forward to!


  1. I need a like button for your post! I'm going to see New Moon with the girlfriends this weekend, assuming that my mom doesn't need me to come take care of her instead. Have a super fun weekend, I hope you enjoy the movie and if not the actual movie than at least the time that you get to spend with your mom!

  2. I'm so excited for you for all of these reasons! I hope there's some time for festivities with us as well. I have some new Christmas music on the way, and I'm dying to set up our tree...which will likely happen next week. Yay!

  3. Hope you enjoy New Moon! My friend and i went to a midnight show Thursday night (friday morning?) and had a fun time.