Friday, October 12, 2012

Reading My Own Books Challenge

I've decided to join Michelle and read only my own books for the rest of this year. (Have you met Michelle yet? You should. She's pretty cool AND has an adorable baby. Go on and check out her blog. I'll wait.)

Are we all back? Ok good. I have 3 exceptions to the only-my-own-books rule.

1) Book club books are exempt because I have no control over them (but there should only be one more book club this year).

2) Audio books (I don't listen to that many anyway, and they're always free from the library).

3) The Casual Vacancy. I know it's gotten terrible reviews but I want to read it anyway. Plus, I'm so far back on the hold list I might not even get it this year.

So. Other than those three exceptions I will only be reading books I currently own. I had to think about this for awhile because I thought I'd feel too restricted; I don't buy books very often and there are SO MANY good ones that I don't own yet. But, surprisingly, once I committed I felt like a weight had been lifted. I don't have to try to keep up with the Joneses, and now I can just focus on the books withering away on my (dusty) shelves. At one point I thought these books were important enough to own, and that hasn't changed just because they're not bright and shiny and new.

Before I had even officially joined this challenge I was still following the basic principles of it. I finally finished up The Swan Thieves (link to review) and am still working on What He's Poised to Do. Next up is my book club pick, Rules of Civility and who knows what else I'll get into during tomorrow's Readathon (squee!).

While this isn't an official challenge, it's still fun to a be a part of the action. Want to follow along? Check us out on Twitter with #RMOB.


  1. I thought I had commented already. Oops. I love that you're joining me and that you'e tailored the rules a little for your own needs. Check out my Sunday Salon post - you're mentioned. :)