Thursday, November 15, 2007

Gettin' By With a Little of This and a Little of That *

To be honest, Learning 2.0 has not gotten as much attention as it deserves from me this month. I blame NaNoWriMo (by the way, sorry if I seem wordy, I've become accustomed to writing as many words as humanly possible even if I only need a few to get my point across). But I digress.

Let's start with Other than never being able to put the periods in the right spaces, I think I like it (have I mentioned I'm indecisive?). I like it even more now that I figured out how to add the toolbar buttons to different computers. I think, given enough time, I might actually use this application on a regular basis, but it's still too soon to tell. What I REALLY like is when websites have buttons at the bottom of the pages where you can automatically add them to or some other random site that keeps you connected to everything so I don't need to worry about installing the buttons (can anyone tell me how to put those buttons on my blog?). is actually a good way for me to remember all of the 2.0 sites I'm supposed to be keeping up with because honestly, I'm starting to feel like I'm getting them mixed up (or maybe that's my usernames and passwords). I give an A for helping me not have to resave all my favorites on different computers.

The second thing I did this week was discover Technorati. Has anyone signed up for an account and claimed their blog? I'd be interested to know what exactly that's like - I noticed that you have to register your full name and, being the paranoid person that I am, I'm not sure if I want my full name connected to anything out in the technology world for everyone to see. So I'd really appreciate some feedback, because I would actually like to join Technorati and claim my blog and add tags and all that good stuff, as long as it seems like my identity can still be kept somewhat private.

*I'm not a patient person at all, so I already joined Technorati and claimed my blog (I didn't have to register my full name, just the first initial). Now, since I only have one authority point (meaning only one person has linked to my site), I'd appreciate some help on upping my authority! If you have a link to me on your blog roll but it still links to the old address that I'm no longer updating, please change it to this new one - I'd be grateful!*

By the way, has anyone else noticed that Technorati and Digg seem to be pretty much the same thing (and even's homepage is similar)? I'd be interested to know which of the three you think is the best, or if they're all worth their weight depending on what you're looking for. Clue me in!

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