Thursday, December 13, 2007

Wiki Wiki Woo

I had to use a wiki for a class in my last semester, and I thought the idea of it was great even if we didn't use it as much as the professor would have liked. We used pbwiki, which seems to be one of the easier ones. This is where class notes were occasionally updated, minutes of meetings were posted, and a short assignment was posted and collaborated on. All in all, we really didn't do much hands-on work with it, but when we did it was pretty easy and painless. One thing that was annoying was that if someone was signed in, no one else could edit that item, and I can't tell you how many people simply forgot to sign out. This is where I would rate Google Docs over wikis. Other than that, though, my experience with wikis is very limited (I don't even have a wikipedia account, although I do use it at times for a quick reference), and in all honesty I probably won't progress more than that. I have nothing against wikis, I think they could be very useful tools, but I just don't really have any use for them at this point in time. It was great for that class, though - I wonder how Google Docs would have fared in its place?

On a completely different note, I have been baking cookies (from scratch, mind you; that's what makes it fun!). Not a ton of cookies (do two and a half batches count as a ton?), but it seems like a lot. I've tried two new recipes, and modified an old one. So far, so good! I gave away most of them because let's be honest, 'tis the season for giving, and I don't watch 50,000 calories sitting on my counter for more than a few minutes. So let's recap:

I made snickerdoodles with butter instead of shortening (they turned out REALLY soft and fluffy!);
these little Nestle holiday morsel things with chocolate and white chocolate swirled together and powdered sugar on top (really good, really rich);
and last night I made sugar cookies for the first time AND I made the frosting from scratch (also for the first time). I ate too many of these too quickly and got a tummy ache. :-( But they were so good! :-)

I plan to make more cookies soon, partly because I promised some snickerdoodles for my dad's birthday, and partly because I still have a ton of ingredients. If anyone has any great cookie recipes, please send them my way! I love baking and trying new things and, if you want, I can share them!


  1. Sugar Cookies? And why didn't I get any? With Frosting.

  2. Did you get your sugar cookie recipe from one of your good friends at the library? If so, aren't they the best sugar cookie you have ever eaten? You can than good old Aunt Blanche for those!