Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How to Puree and Publish Your Own One-Sentence Novel....Or Something Like That

I just realized that in order to meet my goal of 15 posts for the month, I need 10 in 16 days - yikes! So that means that instead of putting all the rest of my SEOmoz findings in one post with short descriptions of each, I'm probably going to have to split them up some more. Onward and forward!

One of my favorite websites (even though I've never used it, how weird) is Lulu. Placing number one in SEOmoz's book category, Lulu is a free self-publishing website. Did you write a 50,000 word novel for NaNoWriMo and want to get it published? Avoid picky agents and self-righteous publishers and do it yourself! Lulu gives you a detailed walk-through of how to publish your own book, and then sells it for you, distributing real, live copies of your work to those interested. You can pick the binding you want for your work, Lulu tells you the manufacturing cost, and then you pick the price you want to sell it at. What's even better is that Lulu isn't just for books. Ever wanted to publish a book of photos you've taken? What about a CD of your own music? Lulu is there to help you publish whatever it is that you want or need - everything from cookbooks to calendars, and then some. Take a look at some of the things others have published through Lulu, and then get started on your own self-publishing adventure!

To stay on somewhat of the same theme with Lulu, has anyone checked out One Sentence? Placing second in SEOmoz's "Fun Stuff" category, One Sentence is a site that allows you to, you guessed it, tell a story in one sentence. I've actually found some great story beginnings in these one-liners, stories that I would continue reading if there was any more to it. If you have some time and are looking for a little creative encouragement, check it out! Or just go there for a quick laugh - some of the entries are incredibly off the wall.

Oh, and here's a random aside: I happened upon a new blog this week and immediately added it to my Google Reader. While I'm a bit surprised at myself for bookmarking this blog so quickly, Orangette is delightful to read and to look at - plus there are recipes! The pictures help space the posts, the posts themselves are written very well and a bit like the way I think (so of course I like it!), and I am always looking for new recipes, even if I don't get around to making them for years. Oh! That reminds me - I was just given a puree-er (is that spelled correctly? did I just invent a new word?) by my grandmother and I'm wondering if any of you out there have an idea of what I can christen it on. I rarely use my blender (which I was told is much like the puree-er, but less portable) but I am willing to give this puree thingy a shot - as soon as I know what to use it on. Ideas, please!

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