Tuesday, March 11, 2008

6:00? Six O'Clock? Six o'clock? Does anyone really care??

I would just like to pop in quickly and say hi. I'm still here, but it's a very scattered, stressed version of myself. As a side note, wedding etiquette is completely bizarre and way too picky. And, it's wasteful. Outer envelopes with inner envelopes and response cards and proper names.....it's all too much. I hope no one is that snooty that they'll stare down their long noses at my invitation and say, "She didn't spell out the words 'six o'clock.' I'm not going." At this point, people should just be happy I'm still planning this and not running off to Vegas.

On a different and not-whiny note, The Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators has writing and illustrating contests. I just stumbled across this site earlier and I already submitted my entry for this month's writing contest! In fact, I actually wrote way more than the contest called for and it was hard to edit it down to 50 words or less. It was actually pretty fun, so I highly recommending checking out that and the rest of their website.

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