Friday, July 25, 2008

So Many New Things!

Ok, sorry it's been awhile. Life suddenly got extremely busy!

Saturday Keith and I went up to Fort Wayne and guess what. We adopted a dog! (Of course we adopted it from Perfect Paws - I knew you were going to ask.) She is a four-month-old German Shepherd mixed with either a Border Collie or Black Lab. We've kept the name that the rescue group gave her, Lizzie, and it really suits her. She's about 22 pounds and all black except for a white patch on her chest and a little white on her toes (it looks like she got brushed with paint). Her ears are way too big for her head, and she's absolutely adorable. I promise I will post pictures soon, but for now you'll have to create your own mental image. Now, all that being said, she is more puppy than we were prepared for. We had been informed that she was almost house-trained, meaning she would go to the door to be let outside, but would get distracted (as is the case with all puppies and two-year-olds) and would have an accident if she wasn't let out immediately. This held true for about two days. Now she is not even trying to go to the door. She'll play, squat, and then keep playing. And she hasn't learned that when she's outside, she better go because mommy and daddy are going to work or sleep and are not letting her out again for awhile. Because of this, I spent four hours straight cleaning up after her on Wednesday. Yes, four hours. Imagine a doggy mess that would take four hours to clean up. It was worse than what you just imagined. She also has the habit of whining constantly when she's not in our presence but wants to be. All of this adds up to the fun little fact that Keith and I are not getting a desirable amount of sleep. I love her, but sometimes....

Another reason for being sleep-deprived: I started my new job at Angie's List on Tuesday. I've chosen the schedule (are you ready for this?) of 7-3:30. That's right. 7 a.m. It's crazy to be up that early by choice, but it is amazing to be done with work so early. At the moment, Keith also has to be in to work at 7, so we're both up and that makes it easier to stay awake. I know that when he has later schedules it's going to be really hard for me to be motivated, but I'll console myself with the thought that it will be his job to let Lizzie out in the morning. :-)

So that's why I haven't posted in awhile. Had I really thought about it, I don't think I would have adopted a four-month-old puppy. House training is really not fun. On the other hand, she's the most adorable, cuddly little thing and when she finally is housetrained, it will be completely worth it.


  1. Welcome to the Parenthood Club! Your membership includes lack of sleep for the next eighteen years!