Friday, October 10, 2008

Working Title

Well, I haven't gotten any good pictures of Lizzie in her bumble bee costume, and I'm a bit disappointed. I tried to put it on her last night but to no avail. The wings came this close to becoming a casualty. C'est la vie. I'll get her.

I've been reading/listening to Dracula - es muy bien. :-) Obviously, since it was written in 1897, it reads like it was written in 1897, but it's still surprisingly easier than many others I've read from that time period, so if you have any interest, don't let that hold you back. I'm thoroughly enjoying myself, and I love the tingly sensations I get when Dracula does something particularly creepy. All in all, a perfect Halloween month book. However, because my list has taken me a bit longer to get through than anticipated, I had to return The Duchess to the library this morning without reading it at all. Oh well. I think I might like the movie version better anyway. Now I just need to find someone to go see it with me!

And finally, does anyone remember what happens in the month of November?? That's right, it's NaNoWriMo time again! And of the five New Year's resolutions I made way back when, this is only the second one I'm going to be able to keep, because I still plan on participating. (Sidenote - keeping two out of five resolutions really isn't that bad, especially considering I don't think I've even kept one before.) I have an idea all picked out and everything, and I'm actually really excited about it. So don't be surprised if posts are sparse or short - I'll be writing, just not for you! If you'd like to participate this year, just head on over to their website and sign up, and then let me know so we can be writing buddies!

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  1. Ooh, I know, I remember getting the most delicious creeped-out tinglings from that book!