Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hail Atlanta!

Here's an incomplete picture tour of our time in Atlanta.  Enjoy.

I toured Atlanta a bit by myself on Wednesday and went directly to the Margaret Mitchell House and Museum.  This is where Ms. M. wrote most of her only novel.  I got to take a tour of her apartment (look at the first floor on the left) and know a little bit about her background.  The house was made a historic site, so it sits neatly on Crescent Street while the city builds up around it.

The next day we went to the aquarium, which is apparently the largest in the world.  It was definitely very  neat, with a ton of exhibits and a spectacular main tank with 2 whale sharks (not even fully grown yet!), gigantic manta rays, and several other types of sharks.  Unfortunately, those pictures didn't turn out so well.

But this guy did!

If you turned 180 degrees from the aquarium, you'd see the Coke museum, and the statue of its inventor, Mr. Pemberton, right in front of it.

The Coke museum was pretty cool.  You basically walked through a huge commercial (physically and on the screen) and then got to taste Coke products from around the world (Africa, yes; Western Europe; no thank you).  Finally, we got a free bottle of Coke off the line (and let me tell you, after being in the museum, you wanted that Coke).

Next we went to Olympic Park.  I was hoping to see some amazing Christmas lights, but a) it was light out and b) what we did see didn't look like it'd be that impressive even if it was dark.  Plus, it was really cold.  Nice statue, though.

Thursday came and we went to the zoo.  And I fell in love with pandas.

Now I've always been a fan of pandas, but seeing them in person makes them that much cuter.  And seeing them eat is even cuter.  Whenever I watch nature videos, I kind of just figure they're adding sound effects when animals do things like eat.  Turns out, at least in the case of the panda, no sound effects are needed.  They are a loud-chomping, chewing bunch, and it is Adorable.

We also saw some frisky lions.  Notice the paw in "ready-to-pounce" position.

One thing I loved about Atlanta was the close proximity of must-see sites.  Just next door to the zoo was the Cyclorama and Civil War museum.  This was definitely cool, and if you go to Atlanta I recommend you see it.  I don't even want to try to explain it, because it won't sound as cool as it is.  Go to the website, and just trust me.

So that's our trip, summed up in just a few of the pictures we took.  I had a great time, and I'd definitely go back, but I'd be going back to see all of this stuff over again, not to really see anything new.  I feel like I got a good look at Atlanta, and I liked what I saw, and I don't feel like I missed out on anything.

P.S.  I'd recommend reading Gone With the Wind (particularly the part where Scarlett is in Atlanta) while you're there.

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