Friday, March 25, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Earth Hour - Logo

What are you doing Saturday night? On Saturday, March 26 at 8:30 PM, my husband and I will be turning off all the lights and each and every appliance in our house for one hour. Why? Because we are again participating in Earth Hour.

Earth Hour is an event started 4 years ago in Australia that has since become a global movement to take a stand against climate change. Each year this event has become bigger and bigger, involving hundreds of millions of people, hundreds of countries, thousands of businesses, and even iconic buildings and landmarks. That's right. Even the Golden Gate Bridge, Rome's Colosseum, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge have all stood in darkness for one hour each year, as a symbol of the changes we need to make, and the ease in which we can live a more sustainable lifestyle.

You can pledge to turn off your lights for one hour tomorrow night starting at 8:30 PM local time simply by going to

This year, the organizers have decided to take it a step further and ask each of us to "go beyond the hour." It's an initiative that is meant to get people thinking and talking about the other ways in which we can incorporate eco-friendly ideas into our own lifestyle. Things as simple as recycling, eating more locally grown foods, composting, and switching to greener beauty products. Learn more and add your own act here.

I've recently created a new blog that tracks my journey toward living a healthier, greener lifestyle: Amy Goes Green. What will you do?

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