Saturday, November 19, 2011

Miss Me?

Just a quick note to say: All those reading challenges and plans I had made (Fall Reading Challenge and Finish It Up Month)? Not going as planned. I have entered full-on nesting mode, along with learning to crochet an afghan for a Christmas present, plus my book choices have changed dramatically due to what was available at the library and the fact that I am now supremely interested in pregnancy-related reading material.

This also explains the lack of posting because when my brain is able to function, it's worrying about baby items we still need to obtain and what section of the house needs to be cleaned next. So, my apologies for my negligence of the blog and no new book reviews or cooking posts, and I would say that I'll be back to normal soon. But let's be honest here. Posting is going to be intermittent. I hope you'll all stick with me through this, because I'll need the support! And if you really miss me (or just want to know what I'm up to) check my Twitter feed. 140 characters seems a lot more do-able than a full-on post.


  1. I do miss you! And not just in blog world.

  2. I went through the exact same thing last year, ditched my reading "dare" to read a pile of pregnancy books. You should post about those, too...

  3. Tiffany, I miss you, too! Jeane, if I ever get through one of those pregnancy books, I'll definitely review it. But my attention span makes it hard to concentrate for more than 10 minutes, leaving my reading list woefully long!