Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What You Don't Need: The Baby Registry Edition

Registering for my baby showers was one of the most stressful things I did while pregnant. There were too many options, too many products, too many brands. I had no idea what I would need and, just as importantly, what I wouldn't. Here are 10 things I found quite unnecessary.

1. Receiving blankets. At least not as many as they tell you, unless you're actually going to use them to swaddle your little one. But with the invention of the Halo brand swaddle sack, they're almost pointless. They're not absorbent enough to be used as back up burp cloths (trust me). I use one now as a way to secure Emily's head in her carseat, and you can use one as a blanket between the baby and the floor, but that's about it.

2. A bottle drying rack. Do you have a drying rack in your sink? Perfect.

3. A million bottles in different sizes if you plan to breastfeed. I have three 4 ounces and three 8 ounces, and I don't even use them all. If you're going back to work or are going to formula feed it's a different story. But I would still recommend only buying a few and making sure your baby likes/does well with the ones you got, just so you don't end up wasting a lot of money if you have to switch brands later.

4. Monitor. Unless you plan on being outside a lot while the baby is alone inside, trust me, you'll hear them when they need you.

5. Different laundry detergent. Yes, babies have sensitive skin, so you should use a gentle detergent. But remember, they're going to be pressed up against you most of the time so whatever you wash your clothes in will effect them. I suggest switching to something like Seventh Generation and washing all your clothes together (saving you time and money).

6. Dryer sheets/fabric softener. Same reason as above. Pour a quarter cup of vinegar in the wash during the rinse cycle and be done with it.  (Your clothes will not smell like vinegar once they're dry. Promise.)

7. Diaper stacker. The thought of organizing diapers into a designated "stacker" is laughable. If I'm feeling motivated I throw them into the top dresser drawer, which the changing pad sits on top of.

8. Bumpers. Other than not being recommended, they're pointless. They're a pain in the ass to take on and off the crib, and you'd have to remove them within 2 months or so anyway (just because your baby can't roll doesn't mean they can't wiggle their way over to the side of the crib).

9. Wipes warmer. Because what are you going to do when you're out of your house and your baby isn't used to cold wipes? Get 'em used to cold, harsh reality and you won't have them throwing a fit later.

10. Mittens. Okay, this one I could go either way on. The truth is I would have loved to have mittens, but we didn't get any so we improvised and put socks on her hands. Same principle, less money. We call them sock hands.

There you have it. Everyone's situation and needs are different but for me, these are the things I realized I could do without. I hope you find this helpful!

To see my list of items I couldn't live without, click here!


  1. Very helpful! I've filed it away in my 'sometime baby' file for the day it may be useful!

  2. This was amusing to me. Ditto on the mittens and wipes warmer- and I never even heard of a diaper stacker before! I went through so many different brands/sizes of bottles and never found a nipple my baby would take (sigh). I do find the monitor useful-it allows me to do a little gardening outside while she naps. And one thing I could always use more of was bibs- not just for when she's big enough to eat, but for all that teething-induced drool!

    1. Oh, definitely on the bibs. They're on my list of must-haves! We'll see if we need a monitor this summer - not sure how much I'll be outside without her!