Monday, December 30, 2013


I barely blogged this year. I was actually thinking I had just passively given it up. But there's something about the end of the year that makes me want to take a look back and set a map for going forward. I've found no better place to do this than on my blog.

This is not to say I'm going to start blogging regularly again. In fact, when baby #2 comes along, there is a very good chance I'll disappear again. Hopefully only for a little while.

So here's where I stand:

I no longer will be posting child updates on this blog. Instead I've created a private family blog, which my husband and I will use as an online journal to chronicle our life and our little ones. I felt that, in the interest of privacy, I could not record or disclose many of the things we did or trips we took in such a public forum. Therefore, while I may still comment on my family and our endeavors, I will not be publishing detailed information here any longer.

Furthermore, since I've transitioned into the role of mother, I feel that this cannot solely be a book blog, as it once was. I've grown, my interests have grown, and I don't want to be tied to one aspect of my life on my blog. So let's not shove this blog into a corner and give it a label, okay? Let's let it grow and expand and develop in any way it chooses.

That being said, the only real resolutions I make for myself tend to be bookish ones. They're the ones I can keep the easiest, and the ones I don't feel terrible about when I fall short. So without further ado:

2014 Book Goals

Read more non-fiction.
This was a goal of mine for this year, and while I did read more non-fiction than I was previously used to, it was still less than half of my overall book total. The best way for me to feel competent and knowledgeable on a topic is to read about it; therefore, there are A LOT of non-fiction books that are already on my list for next year. Books on child development, homeschooling, food culture, and human nature, as well as biographies and some other random things. Ever since I left the academic arena I've felt the need to continue learning and this is the best way for me to do it (I was a literature major, after all).

Read at least 25 books.
This is half of my usual goal. It's the same goal I had the year after Emily was born, so I feel it's reasonable to return to it with this second baby being due in March. It'd be nice if most of these books were ones I already owned, but I think we all know that's not likely to happen. I can try, though.

Aaaaand....that's it. 2 goals. Well, 2.5. It's not much, but I have a feeling I'm going to have my hands pretty full already. :-)

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