Thursday, October 11, 2007


I'm a big fat liar and didn't post again yesterday. Whaddya gonna do?

However, I did go home and discover Flickr, which I can definitely get addicted to. As per 2.0's request, I searched for ACPL's photos, then promptly added them as a contact (I wish you could label things as more than just "Family" or "Friends"). I also browsed through some new/popular tags, then became more specific and browsed weddings and Vegas. No, not weddings IN Vegas, but weddings completely separate from Vegas (by the way, our entire family left Vegas unscathed on the marriage front, so whew). However, when I searched through the Vegas photos (before I left on vacation) I came across a photo of the ceiling at the Bellagio, and when we visited that same casino/hotel, I decided to take a replica. I won't post the other person's photo because I didn't get their permission, but if you search Flickr for Bellagio Glass Ceiling, it's the second one down. Mine isn't great because the lighting is terrible, but here it is....

Ok, Blogger and I are having a little disagreement about uploading photos. I'll have to try to post it again later. However, if you're desperate to see it, my Flickr username is INlibrarian (which I may or may not eventually change because I think it's kind of boring)*, so look me up! I have a few other photos posted that you can sift through. I only posted two Vegas pictures because it's true what they say....what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. :-)

Moving on with 2.0 and Flickr, I need to find an interesting person to add as a contact. I want that person to be someone that I know or work with, but I don't know anyone's Flickr usernames, which makes it just about impossible to find people. If you have a Flickr account, let me know your username so I can finally have an interesting contact!

I have also not commented on anyone's photos, but I'll leave that for when I finally get my interesting contact (no pressure, guys).

I will definitely be uploading more photos in the future. Flickr is a great way to keep track of all my photos and prominently display them for the entire world to enjoy (or at least let me live out my tiny little dream of being a professional photographer). I have a ton more photos in the form of prints, negatives, and slides, and maybe someday I'll digitize them and put them up as well. But for now, I'm going to play with my digital camera and see what I can make it do, now that I have a place to display my photographs. :-) Hooray for Flickr!

*Which I did change to Amy.Liz, not that you can find me.

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