Thursday, January 31, 2008

Aaaaand FIFTEEN!!

I'm coming desperately close to deadline here, people. And I can't come up with a single decent idea of something to post about. I thought about just typing "post" and letting it go at that, but I decided that if I was going to take this goal seriously, I probably better think up something a little more significant. Let's check and see how well I'm sticking with those goals I set for myself last month.

There was the posting goal - this is 15, so check off month one! Then my ridiculous idea of participating in NaNoWriMo again. Don't I remember how stressful that was? Oh well. I've got until November to talk myself into it. Then those two of working out and gaining some tone - well, I've been working out three to four times a week, but I haven't stepped on a scale lately to check on things. Scales are evil little liars. I will say, though, that my pants fit better, so I think it's working. Did I mention that I tried my wedding dress on last week? And that I could barely breathe? Yeah, that was a good kick that got me off the couch. And the last one was to read one classic novel - check! I even have a few more lined up. So, to sum up January, I think I'm still on the right track.

Hey, this turned out to be a healthy little exercise, summing up the month and seeing where I stand. I liked it. Maybe I'll do it again for post number 15 in February. ;-) Oh crap, I just remembered February is a short month - I'm sure I'll be cramming these posts in at the last minute again. I'm finally glad it's a leap year! On a completely different but yet somehow related topic, I just realized the other day that my birthday falls on Friday the 13th this year. *big smile* I love it when that happens!

Alright, well, that was a rather random, not well-thought-out post that I threw together because I had nothing better to write about. I sincerely apologize, but I hope you found it at least a little bit entertaining. If nothing else, you know a little bit more about me, the mysterious blogger (or the girl who works right down the hall).