Friday, February 29, 2008

Harry Potter and the Complicated Lawsuit

Here's an interesting debate: should a fan of Harry Potter be able to publish their own lexicon of Rowling's wizarding world, or should that legal right be left to Ms. Rowling? Rowling brought a lawsuit against said fan and Potter website editor last fall, claiming that her copyrights protected the material from being printed by another person, since she is planning on releasing her own Potter-world encyclopedia in the future. So far, the pending lawsuit has prevented publication of the fan's lexicon. What do you think? Should Rowling be the only person legally able to write a Harry Potter encyclopedia, or do others have the right to produce their own versions?

Personally, not knowing the laws all that well, I think it's legal for someone else to publish their own version of an encyclopedia of Harry's world. However, and this is my key point, why would anyone want it, especially when Rowling - the creator of the world - plans on making her own? I'm one of those that thinks sequels shouldn't be written if the original author didn't write it because the author is the one true person who knows the ins and outs of the characters and plots and settings. What do you think?

Most recent article I found about this.

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