Friday, January 23, 2009

At Least It's Friday

Today started out very unusually for me. I got up at, get this, 5:21. In the morning. I swear. That's a whole 24 minutes before my alarm usually goes off, and a good 30-35 minutes before I actually get out of bed. But for some reason (probably because I went to bed about a half hour earlier the last two nights) I was wide awake. Normally, even if I'm awake, I'll turn over and try to go to sleep again, but today I decided I should be a little more responsible.

This is because starting today, we have to crate Lizzie again while we're gone for long periods of time. I hate it, I really do, but she's become destructive. To date, we have lost 2 couch pillows (one that we can't replace), a shoestring, and an entryway rug. The rug was the last straw for me. So last night I went to Petco and bought a bigger crate (because if she's going to be in it all day, she might as well be able to stretch out a bit) and we tried to get her to like it. That all being said, I got up early this morning because I knew she'd be more likely to handle the crate gracefully if she had some exercise. So I put her on the treadmill for half an hour. Really, I should do this every morning. I wasn't rushing around to get ready, I had my makeup on and my hair brushed before I sat down at my desk, and I was in a much better mood in general. Plus, Lizzie didn't put up much of a fight when I put her in the crate. So, while I still feel a bit bad that she has to be cooped up in there for 9 and a half hours, at least it's Friday and at least I won't come home to any more pillow massacres.

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  1. She'll probably appreciate the opportunity to sleep all day in the crate anyway since you made her exercise before the sun was even up! Good luck with crating.