Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Homemade Stir-Fry

I'm no food aficionado, nor am I a master cook/chef, but I was pretty proud of the dish I made last night. For the first time ever, I made my own stir-fry, instead of using one of La Choy's pre-made cans. I thought the skillet filled with zuchinni, yellow squash, pea pods, water chestnuts, and red peppers looked pretty, so I ran out of the kitchen to grab my camera and came back to snap this shot.

To complete my fantastic dinner, I added shrimp, rice, and teriyaki sauce. Yum!


  1. Yum! I'd eat that.

    Dinner party, perhaps?

  2. Did Keith like it? I thinl it looks great! How about the next time we visit?

  3. Definitely a dinner party. I love dinner parties!

    And yes, Keith actually did like it. Although he did pick out the pea pods (which I gladly ate instead). He even ate the leftovers last night, so it must have been good! And sure, I'll make it the next time you guys visit (if you remind me, of course!).

  4. Its been a long time since I have read your blog. Nice to catch up with yours, Sarah's, and now Caitlin's blogs. The stir fry looks perfecto! Perhaps I will make one tonight as well! Yummy. I agree that the Biggest Loser is very inspirational. I'm off to the gym now too.