Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Need a Coach

It's the dumbest, weirdest thing, but on the other hand it makes absolute sense.

You would think that after 10 years (holy crap, 10 years?!) of lifting/playing sports/working out I would be able to be my own coach and motivator, but I guess not. Don't get me wrong, I have made it to the gym during my lunch hour all but once in the last 6 months or so (not counting the days I was sick or we had half-days), but lately I've been bored, and therefore I've been slacking. Plus, my eating habits once I get home and have a stocked fridge and pantry at my disposal go from good intentions to I-need-chips in about 5 seconds flat. So, while I've started to (slowly) see results (yay!) I'm also realizing that I'm going to need someone to help me pick it up a bit. Lucky for me, the gym at work has a trainer that just loves motivating people (read: kicking your ass into shape). So today, when I asked her what I should work on today since I was bored (mistake number one when you're talking to a trainer) she created a workout plan for me that starts on Monday. And you know what? I'm excited about it. And I actually made myself do hard cardio today, because she told me to. And I'm going to try to eat better, just because she asked about my eating habits. I don't need anybody to tell me how or what to work out or how to eat, because I know more than most people do when it comes to the facts about losing weight and eating healthfully, but for some reason I just can't make myself do it. I could make someone else do it, but I am a terrible personal coach. Probably because I'm used to other people motivating me (read: forcing me) to do specific things, and I feel a little lost without the constant push. Well look at that - I could be a therapist.

Also, and I know I've said this before, but I got the wrong degree. Don't get me wrong - I love what I learned with my English degree and I wouldn't change that knowledge for anything (I can write the best 12-page essay on Emily Dickinson or the 20th-Century Woman's clothing and what that says about the time period like you wouldn't believe) but if I really had the time to do it, I should have gotten one of two degrees (or hell, since we're doing wishful thinking here, both degrees): dietetics and personal training. I'm enthralled by both topics and find myself constantly wishing I knew more about them. Someday, right?

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  1. I see no reason why you can't look into personal training now - at least find out what credentials a personal trainer needs. Then you say to yourself - how might I be able to do this? Write it down.

    This problem is why I like classes. Usually the instructor changes things up a bit, and there's the social aspect of people expecting to see you at class and you looking forward to seeing them.

    So it's really good that you're getting the trainer to help you out. Nothing like accountability to motivate a person!