Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Borders Wishlist, Meet My Empty Wallet

I have exactly 100 books on my wishlist at (and 3 movies).  Today I decided to go through and figure out exactly how much I would spend if I bought each and every book on my wishlist as it stands today. As a disclaimer, some of the older ones may be out in paperback by now and I would preferably buy those instead, plus I'm counting the Borders Rewards discount I get as a member, so I realize this number isn't exactly steadfast, but, as it currently stands at this exact moment...

...if I were to buy the 100 books on my wishlist I would spend:


It's a good thing I love my library, isn't it?  I am, however, accepting donations for the Buy Amy Every Book On Her Wishlist Fund.  You know.  Just in case you're looking for a good cause.  :-)

5 hours later, and I've added 3 more books.  My total is now $1,687.58.  I blame all of you great book bloggers and Library Thing.  Don't worry, I won't keep updating this; I'm done for today.  :-)


  1. Love your post!

    A blog award for you:

  2. I have a terrifying 514 books on my to-read list on Shelfari. I can't imagine how much that'll cost me! I do own a handful of them, but it's not going to make a dent in the thousands of dollars it would cost me to read the rest! :)