Thursday, May 6, 2010

What Books Mean To Me

I had a great blog post idea this morning but was nowhere near a pen and paper (that's what I get for packing last night), and have since forgotten my undoubtedly brilliant expose on the American life.  Or whatever it was I was thinking about.

I have been packing, packing, and then packing some more in an attempt to get as much as I can in boxes and out of the way so Sunday's move goes faster and easier.  There are two things, however, that I can't seem to pack up even though I know I am not going to need them before Sunday.

As I mentioned, I've returned all my library books, and I've packed up all of my books -- except these two.  They're the two most recent additions to my collection but I haven't had a chance to read them yet.  And, even though I know I'm not going to read them in the next three days, it's comforting to see them on my nightstand.  Amid all the chaos of the boxes and tape, packing peanuts and bubble wrap, these two books are a reminder that there are structured, well-thought out worlds that I can slip into should I need a break from the insanity in my world.

Plus, they're pretty.

Instead of reading, however, I will be working my last day at A.L., going out to eat Friday night in celebration of Keith's graduation, actually going to his graduation on Saturday, and moving all of our worldly possessions (and our adorable dog) on Sunday.

And then, after all the excitement wears off and things start to look like they're heading back towards normal, I'm going to curl up on a couch in front of one of our new windows and sink into the deliciousness and familiarity of a new book.


  1. Amy, good luck with the move. It's a lot of work I know. If you are deciding which book to read, let me give a shout out to WATER FOR ELEPHANTS. Such a good book. My book group read it last year and we really enjoyed it. Have a productive weekend and then take a good rest!

  2. Good luck with your move! And I also loved Water for Elephants. I hope you're able to get to it soon!

  3. :) you ARE doing enough moving for both of us!! I'm so excited for you Amy. Tell Keith I say Congratulations!!!
    Oh. and when you get a chance email/text me your new address k?