Monday, July 25, 2011

Some Reading, Some Painting, and a New Car

I thought I'd just check in with you all. So far I am loving my re-read of Gone With the Wind for Erin's Readalong; this novel seriously holds up. It doesn't matter that I already know the ending; it's so well-written that the whole story is interesting.

My husband has been painting the nursery, so I've been spending time outside the room but close enough to keep him company. We picked Olympic's No-VOC Lime Sorbet and while I really like it, it seems to be going on darker than I anticipated. Maybe it's the lack of natural lighting and the black visqueen covering the floor. At the moment, it kind of looks like the Emerald City in there. I can't wait to get some furniture and really start filling out the room.

Oh! I almost ended this post without perhaps the most exciting piece of news: we leased our first car this weekend! Keith's car finally quit on us and we really needed something reliable and safe. So we spent last week going around to dealerships and test driving (and Keith spent months prior to this researching) and finally on Saturday we made a deal with Hyundai and leased a 2012 Sonata. Um, it's pretty awesome. It's the first new car either of us have had, and we're both about giddy.

Other than that we've just been trying to stay away from the sauna known as outside. Hope you all are doing well!

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