Saturday, February 16, 2013

Playroom Help!

Friends, I need your help. I was inspired by Michelle's playroom ideas and decided to convert our fourth bedroom into a playroom for Emily.

This room started out as a workout space for me, then became a game room when Keith was handed down the arcade, and was most recently used as a storage heap.

I've cleaned it up (most of the way) and now I'm trying to figure out how best to use this space. I need your help! I'll give you a little tour of how it looks now.

From doorway. Hi, Lizzie!
Closet, left of doorway. Lizzie still thought there was something worth looking at out there.
Far wall.
Right side wall, opposite of closet.
Still right side wall. And arcade. And Lizzie's butt.

Wall with door (door wall? near wall?)
Aaaaaand doorway.

I obviously shouldn't be the one to take pictures of our house when it's time to move.

It's not a huge room and there's already limited floor space. My goal is to move Emily's large toys up here so they're not cluttering our family room floor. I'm really not sure how to bring everything together. I want at least one bookshelf, and I'm debating between a normal one and one where you place the books face-forward (something like this). I've also thought about a cubbyhole shelf (like this-ish).

And just so we're all on the same page, the arcade and keyboard have nowhere else to go, so they have to stay. As does the table (most likely). And finally, let's pretend the closet is off limits because it's beautiful and perfect and organized, not because there's no way I could cram one more piece of junk in there.

Finally, I started a Playroom board on Pinterest if you want to check it out.

Okay friends, help me! Tell me what to add, what to move, and how to make this room a perfect little playroom!

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