Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ummmm hi?

Sorry about the lack of posting, but really not much has happened. You know the most exciting thing that I've done this week? I moved my desk at work. See, that's not interesting to anyone but me.

I played the Simpson's game on PlayStation 3 last night, though, and that was fun. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Generally, when it comes to games with missions and things like that, I get bored with them pretty quickly because I can't ever figure out what I'm supposed to do and after about 10 minutes of walking around aimlessly, I give up. However, I was playing with Keith (who has already played it and knew what he was doing) and the game itself really isn't that hard. So I didn't give up and I'm looking forward to finishing it. Hooray! Still working on Ratatouille for the Wii, though....


There's already a release date for Twilight's sequel, New Moon: November 20, 2009, exactly 12 months after Twilight's release date. Now, even though there's a new director (Chris Weitz) , do you think that's enough time for them to make the sequel any better than the first? Or do you think that Summit Entertainment is more concerned with piggybacking off of its first huge box office success?

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