Tuesday, January 6, 2009

There's No Good Title For This Post

Hello there. I meant to post before, but, well, the year hasn't started out like anyone wanted to. My family has lost a very dear friend. I don't think I can really type it out, because I'm starting to tear up just thinking about it. But I will say, Rhonda, you were the strongest woman I ever knew, and you deserved much better than the cards you were dealt. We will always love and miss you. Thank you for being in my life.

I don't really want to, and it doesn't seem appropriate, but I need to move on to another subject in this post, or I'm afraid that last bit will just linger and I'll never be able to move on from it. So let me tell you something new about me - something none of you knew.

I've been listening to country music. Wait! Don't hate me yet! I think I always knew it would come to this, but I tried to deny it. But now, when I sit at a desk all day and I can't come up with a good audio book, I'm finding myself turning from my usual array of music (which I have become hopelessly bored with) to this new (to me) genre. Really, if anyone knew my musical tastes, you could have seen this coming. A warning might have been nice, by the way. See, I like music with feeling, and I most definitely rate lyrics as the most important part of a song. Do you see how this is all tied together yet? Country, as a whole, has some of the most heartfelt, emotional lyrics you can find. It's more about the story and less about the hook. So there you go. You know my big, dark secret. Don't tell anybody.

To commemorate (or prove how much of a dork I am now) this new revelation, I have created a new sidebar item: "currently listening to." There you'll find a picture of the album cover of the latest song/artist/album I'm into. Right now, it's Taylor Swift. If you haven't listened to any of her stuff, don't judge her (or me) just yet. She's young, but I think that helps. Her songs are original (she wrote or co-wrote all of them, on both albums), innocent, heartfelt, truthful, and fun. Is that enough adjectives? Probably not. Plus, to make me feel a little better, even though she's technically considered a country artist, many of her songs are played on non-country stations, therefore making me feel like I haven't quite crossed over the country bridge...yet.


  1. Amy I am so sorry for your loss. There are simply not words available to make that pain go away and if I could I would take it on for you. Congratulations on the expansion of your musical interests- country will love you back! The only thing I can say is to cry when you need to and don't try to stop the emotions, they'll just come out stronger later. Loves~Sarah

  2. I grew up listening to nothing but country music. And not the semi-pop Taylor Swift kind, either--Garth Brooks, John Michael Montgomery, George Straight, Randy Travis, Clint Black--are you cringing yet? I could sing every word to a number of songs that I'm quite embarrassed of. But, secretly, when I'm driving by myself, I find the twangiest country station and sing at the top of my lungs. It's good therapy on emotional days. Use it for that, if you need to.

    I'm here if you need someone to talk to--or sing with.

  3. Thanks, girls. It means a lot to me. :-)

    Tiffany - I never would have guessed, but I think that's hilarious and awesome.